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Our Range & Ritual

Here at the In-House Cocktail Club were fanatical about flavour, and since you’ve joined us, we’re sure you are too.

Like any good club, we believe in equality for all our members, so we think it’s only fair that if you enjoy drinking our cocktails, we should share how we make them and most importantly, how we cram so much flavour into each and every bottle. Understanding the basics of flavour matching and amplification will not only heighten your appreciation of a good, well-crafted cocktail, but also help you if you ever get the urge to start making your own cocktails. If this is something you’re interested in then please subscribe to our monthly blog where we’ll be going into a bit more detail, you can start with our next post ‘Flavour Enhancement’.

Before we get into our range, all our cocktails are designed to be served super cold with lots of ice, so make sure you chuck your bottles in the fridge and have some ice in the freezer. If not, head over to our ‘The Ice Man Cometh’ blog for our instructions on how to have a constant supply of perfect ice.

Just Add Sodas

Our signature Just Add Soda range offer a drinking experience like no other. Like all of our cocktails, we’re immensely proud of these and they hold a special place in our heart as they’re where it all began for us.

Our Just Add Sodas are, as the name suggests, designed to be served with ice cold soda. We’ve effectively made a concentrate of spirit and flavour forward cordial that comes to life once charged with soda. Soda water is the perfect mixer here, as not only does it create that utterly delightful, tingling texture on the tongue, but also the CO2 bubbles help to carry both flavour and aroma molecules, releasing their enticing bouquet when they burst on the top of the drink.

Our process is relatively simple, yet one we’ve spent a countless hours perfecting. First up, we create what we call our ‘Mother Cordial’, an expertly balanced, proprietary mix of sugar, water and three different acids which act to carry flavour across the tastebuds at different levels of intensity. This forms the blank canvas on to which we paint our flavours. We then infuse this Mother Cordial with the highest quality fruits, herbs, spices and teas and let the cordial do its job of absorbing, amplifying and enhancing each one. We believe in the ‘rule of three’ here, choosing three complimentary yet contrasting flavours to create harmonious combinations with each ingredient still shining through.

We then add premium spirits to the mix, each one chosen for their own quality and flavour to match effortlessly with our cordials. Alcohol is an incredible flavour and aroma enhancer in its own right – there’s a reason all perfumes are made from an alcohol base – so it too helps to amplify our ingredients to the next level.

The next step is all down to you. We believe that a decent chunk of the enjoyment of cocktails, or any flavour led product, is in the ritual, of how it is made, and there’s something magical about being able to treat yourself to a perfectly balanced, delightfully delicious cocktail you’ve poured for yourself or your friends. You may already have some rituals in place for your morning coffee, or the perfect sourdough recipe, and your cocktails should be no different. Here’s our recommended rituals.

Just Add Soda:

 Step 1
Fill a large highball glass with lots of ice

Step 2
Pour in 100ml (half a bottle) ice cold soda

Step 3
Pour in 100ml (half a bottle) of your In-House Cocktail Club serve

Step 4
Sit back, relax and enjoy. You’re now a member of the In-House Cocktail Club

The reason we add the soda right at the start, then top with the cocktail is twofold. Firstly, the two liquids have different densities, so if we were to add the soda last it would sit on top of the cocktail, requiring some rigorous mixing to ensure the right consistency, meaning that the drink would lose its fizz before your first sip. Pouring the cocktail on top allows gravity to do all the hard work and blend the 2 liquids together perfectly while keeping its effervescence J

 Secondly, as we mentioned before the CO2 in the soda carries flavour and aroma, so as it forces itself up through the cocktail it attaches to the flavour molecules there, ensuring that the fragrance of the cocktail is as enticing and enjoyable as the first sip.

 Stirred Down Sippers:

Our Stirred Down Sippers are specially designed to be as easy as they are delicious. We’ve done all the hard work of mixing, infusing and diluting so all you need to do is make sure its icy cold, pour over ice then sit back and enojy.

We took the decision to loosely base all of Stirred Down Sippers on familiar, classic cocktails that we all know and love, but with the signature In-House twist! We’ve amplified the flavour combinations with daring and exciting infusions with fresh, all-natural ingredients to ensure these are like no classics you’ve ever had before. 

The key to our flavours is not only based on the quality of our raw ingredients, but also to the flavour enhancing entities we employ. While for the Just Add Sodas, we use our Mother Cordial as the blank canvas, for our Stirred Down Sippers we’ve created a signature Cocktail Syrup that acts as the flavour carrier, a simple mix of sugar, some salt and three different varieties of cocktail bitters. Our Stirred Down Sippers rely on a balance of sweet and bitter to amplify their flavour, so our cocktail syrup is the perfect seasoning, with the sugar bringing the initial hit of flavour, the salt helping to maintain it and fill the mouth, and the bitters adding a long and delightfully lasting finish. 

Here’s our ritual to ensure you get the perfect Stirred Down Sipper, every time (this one’s easy)

 Step 1
Fill your favourite glass with ice
Step 2
Pour in 100ml of your Stirred Down Sipper
Step 3
Sit back, relax and enjoy. You’re now a member of the In-House Cocktail Club