Cream Tea Negroni 200ml


Tanqueray Export Gin | Belsazar Rosé Vermouth | Italian Aperitif | Strawberry | Milk Oolong

ABV: 15.3% vol | 1.5 Units per 100ml

What: Our tantalising twist on the classic Negroni. We combine Tanqueray Export, Belsazar Rosé and Italian Aperitif with fresh strawberry and a wonderful strawberry & cream tea to create a fun and playful spin on an otherwise stiff and serious cocktail.

When: Negronis are the quintessential aperitif so this is perfect for getting your taste buds a-tingling before a slap-up meal. The crisp sharpness makes it the ideal accompaniment to a classic Cream Tea, or anything sweet for that matter.

 Where: Inside, outside, in the park or at the Ritz

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