Sunrise Cosmopolitian 200ml


Tanqueray Export | Curaçao | Provence Rosé | White Peach | Thai Lime Leaf | Mandarin Oil

ABV: 14% Vol | 1.4 Units Per 100ml

Ah the Sunrise Cosmopolitan, we think this is something special! We’ve taken the much-loved Cosmopolitan and given her an out of this world makeover. To a base of gin and orange liqueur, we maintain the crisp dryness you’re used to with a delicious Rosé from Provence, add some fruity freshness from creamy white peach while giving an exotic air of enticement with fragrant Thai lime leaf and mandarin oils. As mysterious as she is beautiful, this stunning cocktail breathes new life into a familiar favourite.

 When: Don’t feel pushed to get up for sunrise to enjoy this Comso twist, but any time of day or night will do just fine,

 Where: This one’s got spring & summer in the garden written all over it.

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