Toasted Coconut Old Fashioned 200ml


Johnnie Walker Black Label | Takamaka Coconut Rum | Extra-virgin Coconut Oil | Toasted Coconut | Bitters

ABV: 20% vol | 2 Units per 100ml

What: The classic Old Fashioned gets the In-House Cocktail Club treatment here. A silky and inviting blend of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch, Takamaka Coconut Rum, extra virgin coconut oil, and toasted desiccated coconut are combined with our In-House signature Cocktail Syrup to deliver a welcoming and warming twist on the original big hitter.

When: This little number makes the perfect digestif so after dinner sipping is recommended.

 Where: Equally suited to warm nights in front of the fire or BBQs in the sun

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